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Some Observations on the iPhone 6 Plus As Someone Who Owned One (Briefly)

I owned an iPhone 6 Plus for a short period this week. It’s a stunning device - certainly polarising, and an incredible feat of design. I returned it about 24 hours later for an iPhone 6 (which I have no regrets about) as the device isn’t for me. That’s not to say it’s not the perfect device for you, but I couldn’t adapt and found it simply didn’t fit my needs.

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The Impending Watershed For Device-Specific iOS Apps

The responsive iPhone and iPad simulators that debuted at WWDC this year have been (and continue to be) full of mystery and potential - quite possibly the biggest source of change in iOS 8 itself. Combined with the iPhone 6 Plus’ size, landscape mode and downscaling, there’s a lot of fluidity and responsiveness coming to iOS this year… A quick count:

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Prepare for iOS 8: enable OS X Server’s Caching Server

As you well-know, iOS 8 launches this week, and there’s going to be a lot of app updates flying around. If you’re on a network with more than a couple of devices, a few substantial updates to things like Keynote, Pages and Numbers (not to mention everything else) will likely take a while to download.

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